On Interaction with Corporate University Enterprises

The purpose of organizing an innovative educational consortium “Corporate University” (CU) is ttansition to a new level of education, science and production integration, which allows improving the quality of training specialists who meet high requirements of present day and implementing relevant scientific and technical projects.

In the work of Corporate University a special place is occupied by scientific and technical activities. CU allows using not only the production base of industrial enterprises, but also effective attracting specialists to carry out research and development, as well as implementing the results obtained.

In 2018 with 70 organizations that are in the Corporate University structure, economic contracts were concluded for the amount of 342.0 mln. tenges:

Sokolov-Sarbai Mining-and-Concentrating Production Complex -SSMCPC JSC (the S&G department); Kazakhmys Corporation LLP (S&G and DMD departments); ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC (KazMIRD, DMD, S&G, MA&OS departments); Shubarkol Komir LLP (DMD, S&G, ES, ITS, APP departments); Nova Zinc LLP (S&G, EE&M, DMD departments); Karagandy Zharyk LLP (A&D department); Zhairem MCC JSC (DS&I) and others.

The total amount of research and development at the University makes 742.5 million tenges. At the request of Corporate University, 68 scientific and technical projects were developed and implemented:

– for ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC, the scientists of KSTU developed a technology of underground coal mining, including methods and software for automated calculation of the parameters of the roof bolting in mines;

– in the field of mine surveying 28 R&D projects were put into production at open pits: Kounradsky, Akchy-Spassky, Nurgazgan, Sayaksky, as well as at coal mines: Shubarkol, Karazhyra, Molodezhny and others;

– there were developed methods of high-precision instrumental observations using modern surveying and geodetic instruments;

–       permanent geomechanical monitoring of the pit slopes state is carried out at: Zhairem MCC JSC; Shubarkol Komir JSC; Corporation Kazakhmys LLP; SSMCPC JSC;

–       for the Eurasian Energy Corporation JSC, the scientists of KSTU developed and manufactured a reloading device, carried out adjusting and testing this device, determined its parameters and dust control efficiency.

At present, in the framework of the contract with the Science Foundation JSC, there is being implemented the technology of obtaining an anticorrosive coating with halloysite nanotubes. The partner in this project is Parkhomenko KMZ, on the production site of which the technology is implemented. The finished product is an anticorrosive substance that is applied to the metal surface, thereby protecting it from corrosion. The total cost of the project is 170.0 million tenges (research  manager is Doc. Eng., professor Isagulov A.Z.)

According to the research results, there were received 12 Eurasian and Kazakhstan patents, over 20 articles were published in the world’s leading editions.

The contractual research work of the KazMIRD Institute is connected with studying the stress-strain state of building structures in the process of construction and operation, with the development of recommendations and expert work to ensure their reliability and durability. The annual amount of financing R&D averages 120.0 million tenges with CU enterprises.

The buildings and structures at industrial complexes were examined and reconstructed: ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC, Corporation Kazakhmys LLP, Zhairem MCC JSC, Bogatyr Komir LLP, Nova Zinc LLP, KEGOC JSC, Ekibastuz SDPP-1 LLP.

A characteristic indicator of KSTU cooperation with CU organizations is joint publication of scientific articles and reports at conferences.

The co-authors of 32 published articles out of the total 305 were experts of CU organizations and scientists of the departments: MA&OS, (SIC Geomark LLP), TEM&C (TPU) and TSC (TPU), APP (Kazpromavtomatika), NTM (Abishev Ch-MI, IPKON LLP), TEM&C (MashZavod No. 1), S&G (SSMCPC JSC, Shubarkol Komir JSC), DMD (CD ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC, Kazakhmys Corporation LLP), EE&M (Bogatyr Komir LLP), Ch&ChT (Tomsk Polytechnic University),

In 2018 there were held meetings at the base of KSTU: with CD ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC, Kazakhmys Corporation LLP, Shubarkol Komir LLP within the framework of CU, where the scientists of KSTU presented projects on current topics:

– remote monitoring of operating modes of technical and technological facilities using radio channels, the Internet and Scada systems (APP dep., manager Breido I.V.);

– studying and developing anticorrosion materials for protection of metal structures operating in aggressive conditions (CM&T dep., manager Baydzhanov D.O.);

– processing and approbation of instructions for designing and using roof bolting at the mines of the CD ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC (DMD dep., manager Dyomin V.F.);

– fiber-optic measurement systems, monitoring control of industrial enterprises (TSC dep., manager Mekhtiyev A.D.);

– geoinformation system for modeling design, emergency and prospective thermo-hydraulic modes of functioning the centralized heat supply systems (ICS dep., manager Tomilova N.I.);

– forecasting and controlling the geological and geomechanical state of the coal seams suite in order to prevent gas-dynamic phenomena (DS&I, manager Khalmanov H.Zh.).